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Mesin Cuci LG Front Loading 9 KG 1400rpm Tipe F1409NPRW

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Merk: LG
Tipe: Mesin Cuci LG Front Loading
Kapasitas Cucian: 9 KG
– 6 Motion Inverter Direct Drive
– Turbowash™
– Tub Clean
– NFC Download

*Anda dapat memiliki produk elektronik murah berkualitas Mesin Cuci LG Front Loading 9 KG 1400rpm Tipe F1409NPRW ini di toko elektronik online Jakarta, Toko Lucky Elektronik.

Rp 6.900.000

Toko Elektronik Murah – Sedang ingin membeli produk elektronik murah berkualitas melalui toko elektronik online? Yup! Toko Lucky Elektronik merupakan toko elektronik yang tepat dan cocok untuk membeli segala kebutuhan Anda! Produk pilihan yang bisa Anda dapatkan di toko elektronik Jakarta adalah Mesin Cuci LG Front Loading 9 KG 1400rpm Tipe F1409NPRW, dengan harga murah berkualitas dan tentunya bergaransi resmi langsung dari LG.

Fitur dan spesifikasi dari Mesin Cuci LG Front Loading 9 KG 1400rpm Tipe F1409NPRW ini pun sangat pas dan cocok untuk Anda miliki untuk membantu pekerjaan mencuci Anda, apalagi kapasitas muatan yang diberikan pun cukup besar, yaitu 9 KG kapasitas cucian Anda dengan mesin cuci front loading dari LG ini.

Berikut Spesifiksi Terbaik dari Mesin Cuci LG Front Loading 9 KG 1400rpm Tipe F1409NPRW (English Version):
The direct drive motor that powers our washing machines is super reliable and really quiet. We know it is one of the best wash machine motors on the market, which is why all our machines come with a standard 10-year warranty on the motor and parts.

Energy Saving
Sensor detects the loading capacity and calculates the exact rpm and braking time for each operation. The accuracy can ensure optimum washing performance. This not only saves your time, but also water and energy.

OPTIMAL WASH for fabrics
Select a wash program and 6 Motion Direct Drive technology moves the wash drum in multiple directions, giving fabrics the proper care while getting clothes ultra clean.

The TurboWash™ significantly reduces wash times, saves bundles on energy and cleans clothes better. It sprays water directly onto fabrics for approximately 120 seconds, making the already impressive rinse cycles even more efficient than ever before.

LG TurboWash™ cuts down a regular wash program to only 59 minutes. Plus TurboWash™ slashes energy costs, reducing electricity consumption up to 15 percent and water consumption up to 40 percent. Do laundry in less time than ever and save on utility bills, too.

Tub Clean+
Cleanse the tub by rotating 60˚C hot water in it to thoroughly remove dirt and germs from every corner of the washing machine including the ones you don’t see. The Tub Clean features provides a 99% sterilization rate to make washing cleaner than ever.

Pause & Add Items
If you miss to put laundry during washing, just press “Pause” and add any laundry from small socks to big jacket. Cotton, Mix, Easy Care, Speed14 whichever you selected, door can be opened immediately(about 3 sec) during washing.

Smart Convenience with NFC
Tag On lets users download new wash programs to a smartphone, such as Wool, Baby Care or Cold Wash. Tap the NFC Tag On symbol to install the program on the machine. Cycle Download stores up to 20 cycles and annually updates downloaded cycles. Smart Diagnosis quickly troubleshoots almost any minor issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

Smart Diagnosis™
Smart Diagnosis™ helps diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical issues, limiting costly and inconvenient service visits.

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