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Kulkas Panasonic 2 Pintu Inverter Econavi NR-BL347PS

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Merk: Panasonic
Tipe: Kulkas Panasonic 2 Pintu
– Energy Saving
– Stylish, Impressive Design
– Storage Solution
– Fresh and Clean

*Anda bisa langsung mendapatkan dan membeli barang elektronik murah berkualitas Kulkas Panasonic 2 Pintu Inverter Econavi NR-BL347PS ini di toko elektronik online Jakarta, Toko Lucky Elektronik.

Rp 5.950.000

Toko Lucky Elektronik Jakarta – Berikut ini adalah Fitur dan Spesifikasi dari Kulkas Panasonic 2 Pintu Inverter Econavi NR-BL347PS.

1. Energy Saving
ECONAVI Detects and Cuts Excessive Cooling
The ECONAVI refrigerator monitors temperature in the room and the fridge’s internal temperature. It analyzes and responds to this information to maintain ideal cooling and avoid wasting energy.
Predicts daily life patterns, controls temperature inside refrigerator.
1. Room temperature sensor
2. Door sensor
3. Internal temperature sensor*
* Sensor is located inside the refrigerator

2. Design
Stylish, Impressive Design
Panasonic now offers a top freezer refrigerator with a completely new design. Made of high-grade metallic material and boasting impressive horizontal lines and a wide-looking appearance, it’s an ideal match for stylish, modern kitchens.

3. Storage Solution
a. Freezer Compartment
b. Icebox
c. Fresh Meat Box
d. Refrigerator Compartment
e. Adjustable Glass Tray
f. Foldable 1-2 Glass Tray
g. Tanto Tray
h. LED Lighting
i. Fresh Safe Vegetable Case

4. Fresh and Clean
Fresh Safe Vegetable Case
High humidity allows extended fresh and hygienic storage of vegetables, preventing leaves from shriveling and veggies from drying out.
*Test conditions (based on BK345) : Ambient temperature: 25°C, Temp Control: 2, Full load in vegetable compartment, One day after loading vegetables, Panasonic in-house test data(Depending on the condition and amount of vegetables, moisture levels may vary.)

5. Reliability
60 Years of Tradition
Panasonic refrigerators embody the essence of Japanese manufacturing.
Since 1953, eighty million Panasonic refrigerators have been sold in Japan and around the world. To ensure the long and loving support of our customers, we have carried on the steadfast pursuit of easy use and high quality throughout this long history.

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