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Kulkas Mitsubishi 2 Pintu Besar MR-F62E-SL-N

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Merk: Mitsubishi
Tipe: Kulkas 2 Pintu Besar Mitsubishi
Kapasitas:560 Liter
– 3D Hybrid Design
– Sliding Chilled Case
– Adjustable Door Shelf
– Anti Bacteria Food Liner
– Revolving Ice Tray
– Tempered Glass Shelf
– Vitamin Factory
– Big Tower Light
– Surround Cooling System

*Anda dapat langsung membeli dan memesan produk elektronik murah berkualitas Kulkas Mitsubishi 2 Pintu Besar MR-F62E-SL-N ini di toko elektronik online Jakarta, Toko Lucky Elektronik.

Rp 6.990.000

Supercool Freezing(EX/Z)
Foods are not iced below freezing point by quiet, even cooling

Soft freezing(EX/Z)
Easy to cut, Easy to divide, Only use what you need, and Tasty treats. Soft Freezing at around -7℃, making easy to cooking with easy to cut, easy to divide, tasty treats

Thinner Insulating Construction(EX)
Install VIP in the Door Panels so as to secure the heat insulation performance & increase capacity by making the Door Panels slim

Touch Panel(EX)
Easy to control , can choose 8 kinds of function icons by choose each room as conventional way

Versa Case Room(Z)
Special compartment for Supercool Freezing with Infrared sensor detects food’s location, size, and temp, Specialized air-flow, Isolated compartment

Big Capacity(L)
We achieve big capacity with slim body with only Mitsubishi’s highly advanced technology

Automatic Door Closer(EX/Z/L)
Door will be closed automatically if half open (less than 15 degree)

Surround Multi Air Flow System(EX/Z/L)
Distributes a constant stream of chilled air to each shelf ensuring all areas inside the refrigerator, even door pockets

Crystal Auto Ice Maker(EX/Z/C)
Filter removes bacteria in tank water make possible for any water for making ice and also all component can be removed and washed

Case Storage(EX/Z/L)
With 2 case storage, user can store items effectively

Door Alarm(EX/Z/L/C)
If a door is left open for over a minute, the door alarm sounds to inform you that the door needs to be closed This is to prevent the temperature inside the refrigerator rising

Three Way Flexible Shelf(EX/L/C)
Three different type to adjust the space with flexible shelf

Tempered Glass Shelf(EX/Z/L/C/V/F)
The Tempered Glass Shelves are built to withstand up to 101 kilograms of weight. Practical and easy to clean, they are also adjustable to allow customisation of the fridge compartment

Vitamin Factory(EX/Z/L/C/V/F)
Orange LED helps to produce reducing sugar of vegetable and increases Vitamin C around 15%

3D Hybrid Design(C/V/F)
Combining 2 different color with two stylish layer design without handle

Anti‐bacteria & Deodoriser (EX/Z/L/C/V/F)
A silvery inorganic anti-bacteria material, it is used in the inner cabinet of the refrigerator Eliminates 99% of bacteria

Sliding Chilled Case(EX/Z/L/C/V/F)
Compartement with wheel, easy to access by sliding the compartment

Adjustable Door Shelf(EX/Z/L/C)
Possible to adjust door storage space

Big Tower Light(EX/Z/L/C/V/F)
With the light from top of refrigerator it make clearly to see in all space

Revolving Ice Tray(Z/V/F)
Easy to serve ice cube by twisting the tray

Multi-Purpose Egg Shelf (EX/Z/L/C/V/F)
Possible to storage 12 pcs of egg and can be utilize for other small kind of food

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